ZANOV is one of the earliest musicians to start innovating in the world of electronic music. As early as 1976, he was composing in his home studio  equipped with the now legendary synthesizers : the ARP 2600, the VCS 3, the RMI or the PS 3300. His installations are complex, and often he had to use ingenuity to overcome the technical limitations of the time. He has made three albums (in 1977, 1978 and 1983) with Polydor & Solaris . The three albums met with unanimous critical acclaim for the sound quality as well as for the originality of this very personal universe. ZANOV’s concert venues have included the Golf Drouot, the Laser Olympia and the Planetarium in Paris. In 1980 he began working on a fourth album,  but lacking time needed for such a creation, he decided in 1983 to take a break, vowing to resume one day…

In 2014 Zanov got an Arturia Origin synthesizer and digitalized all of his recordings from 1983. He modified and completed these recordings to recreate the sound environment. After 34 years, VIRTUAL FUTURE was finally born.

After reestablishing the link between past and future, Zanov had many musical and sound ideas for 2015. He got an Access Virus TI synthesizer, in addition to the Arturia Origin and began composing a new album. This album features shorter independent pieces, which are based on different and original ideas, and reflect the color of his music. He creates his sounds from his emotions and pays particular attention to their combination and evolution. Zanov ended 2015 by mixing his fifth album, OPEN WORLDS.


OPEN WORLDS will transport you to 9 different, unknown, surprising and wonderful worlds.


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